Friday, February 15, 2013

Penny stocks for Beginners - Pump and Dump, market makers and shorts

The god of penny-stocks and chaturbatez

The Penny Stocks game The guide to market makers Short sellers and Pump and dumpers

The key to trading penny stocks is learning how the game is played. The game has always been and will always be controlled by the MM's (market makers) These are the people we used to trust to make a market for any stock even in the roughest times.
However times have changed especially in penny-stocks  Very little regulations and oversight has turned these market makers into nothing more then market manipulators, manipulating any penny stock however they see fit for personal Gaines.
Now most smart investors have learned you can't beat them at their game. They have to much power and control. The best we can do is watch them and learn their patterns, Each MM has its own style of manipulating. and they will react in their own predictable way to different situations. Once you learn this you will truly have the advantage.
Trading penny stocks is much like playing a game of chess against these MM's. If you know their techniques and strategy then you can easily predict where they will take a stock.
Watch them carefully on L2 , and watch charts at the same time you will see some MM's react to certain indicators, some only react to buy and sell pressure. And some even work in teams and are truly there to take as much money as they can from you using all the dirtiest tactics including naked shorting, Paid message board bashers, and fake PR releases. (I.E. PUMA, NOBL, SSGI, STXG, CHDN). If you are in a stock with them you are in trouble take profits fast and get out , they will NSS it down to nothing faster then you can blink an eye.
And don't trust for a second any of the so called guru's from twitter, ihub, or various penny stock chat-rooms and message boards. Most are in for personal gain by front-loading and pumping and many are even paid promoters, paid with stock that they dump on you while alerting the hot trade. 
Although there are a few that are like me Alerting only The hottest Penny stocks on twitter that will sift through all the pumps and dumps and promotions. From all the Message boards, Newsletters, Chat-rooms, and Tweets. and alert you to only the best penny stocks and also tell you why they are running and what to expect next.
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